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newbies in town : Tomica Honda Civic Type – R

Here’s what i found at Litt tak Sungai Wang today…. vrooommmm!~


Hotwheels cloak and dagger….

this is one of my favorite casting by hotwheels… it is quite hard to find.. and i only manage to get them in loose condition… its been a long time for me to find this casting.. 1st seen in an oversea hotwheels forum.. then directly been poisoned…. huhu…. this casting got additional plastic skin which is detachable.. under the plastic skin u’ll may see that there are much detailling been put in to it by HW… making it one of the most detail casting i ever seen.. and thats why i like this one….

anyway enough talking.. let the pic speak for itself….. enjoy

with the plastic cover……

without the plastic cover… just see the detailing been done to this casting…

huhu…. really glad to get this one… huhu… anyway i also manage to get VW convertable beetle.. i like this one because i had enough with the VWdragster and VWbeetle 2010 with the oversize engine…. huhu… this one is quite rare and come from an old casting i guess… the bottom doesnt state the year or either the name of this car…just a simple HW logo and Malaysia only…..

then got this one as a free gift… yay!~.. thanx seller…. hehe… anyway this is my first HW motorcycle… hehe.. still looking for 2010 HW Ducati actually……

well guys.. thats all i can share tonight… hehe… and noted that these are ‘not for sale’…

scalemedown blog admin


finally… ive found some figures for my 1/64 collections…… yay!~

hehe… finally, there are habitants to my 1/64 scale world… hehehe.. congrats people… im as a mayor proud of you guys… as a compliment.. i let all of you to choose ur favorite cars for you guys to drive around my room…. (all of them still in white since these are the 1st batch of my habitants… lol.. im not god.. thats why they look like that.. haha..)

lalala.. anyway here’s some pic of it…

huhu.. obivously all of them more attracted to the porsche compare to the BS.. huhu..(no offence to HOTRODS.)

comparison between the scale of the car and the figures…..

case 1 – HW porsche 911 gt2 VS figures….

case 2 – HW boneshakers VS figures….

case 3 – REALTOY porsche cayanne turbo VS figures….

conclusion – i might say the scale is perfect and quite proportion if compare to the real human scale with 1:1 cars…. hehe.. and i’ll say… LETS MAKE A DIORAMA!~

if u guys intrested… im selling it for rm3 each… its not part of my loose car business, only helping hands to those who need it because i know someone have been searching for it… bare in mind that this is not a normal plastic figures at any toy shop.. this is use for architectural models and that explain why it quite expensive..(if u say rm3 is expensive)……



window shopping.. + so lil haul..

window shopping again @ TRU 1borneo.. no intresting cars.. and no 2009 carded cars at all.. well thats not the main point of my window shopping here.. i was searching a car for the HWCM 2nd group Built.. this time, the theme of the built is HW Original.. means that cars originally designed by HW themself.. not repilca of a life sized car… huhu.. from all of their stock in tru, im thinking of doing the hypermite or dieselboy or spector or some other cars but these 3 really catched my eyes.. hehe.. so i bought 2 out of 3 leaving the hypermite behind since bro eight from HWCM already used it.. so what will my custom project cars will look like?? well its still under development…. in my mind.. haha…


recent haul 08/03/09

its been a while since the last time i go for some shopping… anyway i went to giant sec.13 after hearing they are restocking… so this what i got…

1. HW Ford Mustang Fastback.

2. HW Deora II – didnt actually like this model so much but since HW have done it in 1:1 scale so i guess every collectors must have at least 1… hehe…

and i also bought some shortcards… huhu.. these shortcard are rare in malaysia… huhu..

3. HW corvette c6

4. HW 69′ corvette

5. HW 8 Crate

thats all… didn’t managed to score some t-hunt… maybe next time… huhu…


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