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customizer meet @ dean bistro ss14

hehe.. just got back from meet CHAM@HWCM… hehe…

front : BoneScrapper
2nd row from left : Shrek Shaker, VW BUS, VW Dragbus, DUB Cayanne, VIP Jazz, Dieselboy Q
3rd row from left : forklift, Offroad FJ40, Custom civic SI, El camino, Altezza Castrol , Custom Civic SI…

[far behind: Cham’s hand in high speed mode while holding unknown yellow car….. haha]

that’s all….. enjoy


custom works : MATCHBOX Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

hye guys… yup i kno that my hyper-hauler still not completed yet.. but ive already started with a new project which is based on the Matchbox Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40… this is actually my favorite car and planning to get one if i got the money.. hehe…

my project started when someone told me this story… hehe….

then the owner (paul o’ brian) bring me his car and told me he wanna go to another discovery at borneo… so he asked me to do something with it because he knows that this time it is more challenging than his Bat Cavern discovery…

i tell him that “you need a set of rubber tyre”… and he replied “t-hunt$ tyre??? most of them are sporty” then i answer “of course not t-hunt$ tyres… this is much better than that.. just wait and see.. i’ll order it for you”…..

so.. off to the workshop….

then setting out my workplace…

got delivery… hehe..

test fit it first….

then searching for the owner.. he went to the nearby kopitiam to minum2… lol….

“wow!~ i didnt know they produce this type of rubbers… hehe!~”…. said Paul (yup. thats him.. all in white..)

need to order a new suspension in order to fit in this rubbers…. so another delivery guy come by… hehe..

the driveshaft also need to be re-custom and upgraded…

both set front and rear…

so its time to test fit it once again……………

here’s another closer shot to show the suspension system installed… hope Paul can see it but his outstation now…

anyway.. thats my progress until now… have spent almost solid 4 hours working on it…. anyway for the suspension here’s another option that ive tried…

today, paul came by and ask me to add snorkel and roof rack..

then later in the evening, all the chasis and suspension system has been fully assembled…. so now the car its complete….

Land cruiser VS Bone-scrapper (as named by bro Sinclair from HWCM)….

hehehe… well thats it… so this project was completed in 2 days which is a new record for me… Paul it actually not exist.. just made it up to make the story more intresting.. haha…. anyway, some of u guys may be asking if this wheels actually can roll or if its a static model… so it does rolls actually… i’ll post a vid of it later on….

happy customizing



window shopping… @tru 1borneo

huhu.. looks like they are renovating the TRU to be a lil bit smaller?? huhu.. but its kidda frustating to find that almost all of their stock are from 2008 series.. huhu.. come on.. its 2010 already… huhu..


just a next customization proposal…

i spotted the 63′ cadillac ambulance.. which is the same car use in the ghostbusters ECTO-1.. huhu.. well ghostbusters is one of my favorite cartoon during my childhood.. i have 1 1:18 scale ecto-1 which was bought by my parents about 20years ago.. huhu.. i remember ive found it somewhere in my house.. haha…

anyway here’s the matchbox car that im talking about…

and here’s the ECTO-1

huhu.. the hard part is to repicate those gadgets on the roof or the ecto-1 since its a very small scale to tackle with… huhu.. but i really wanna try on this project.. so rule no1.. MUST GET IT FIRST!~.. hehe..

another customizing project that came to my mind is to replicate the famous Back to The Future Delorean since Hotwheels has produce the stock DMC Delorean..

this project will be start soon since ive already got the delorean in my hands… i just have to find another one to left carded and goes to my collection vault… “keep one carded and uncard the rest”.. hehe.. the delorean project will be as difficult as the ecto-1 project since these cars are equipt with some hi-tech gadgets.. huhu.. and to make a replicating project like this, the most important aspect is detailling..

a lil research was done and ive noticed that HW has produce BTTF Delorean before.. but sadly these cars will not be avaliable here in Malaysia..

my BTTF Delorean project is still under conceptual stage and no physical progress been done yet. im still doing some research and hope that anyone who has detailed pictures or diagram of the BTTF cars can help me…

that’s all for the moment and i’ll update u guys with a WIP page which will be hosted exclusively @ Hotwheels Club Malaysia – Custom page which i’ll be posting the link here..

Cheers and Stay Tuned


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