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custom works : Hw Aston Martin Vantage Widebodykit

its been a while since the last time i do a customizing project. So this time i choose the aston martin vantage by hotwheels which i’ll add on some widebody kit. i got this car in loose condition from the local night market and i have another one which is still in the card.. (keep one card and loose the rest)… i think enough of writing.. just let the pix speak for itself…. enjoy…

One busy evening at the workshop……

then came a guy called david… ask me to pimp his aston martin….

so i proposed to add on some customize widebody kit to his car… then the process begans…..

For the fender, i’ve used aluminium to shape it. this one is an experimental material since i never used it before.. it just came across my mind to try using it… it is easier to use since it will bend following the arch….

after finish with the formworks, ive add putty to shape on the widebody kit… this time i use wall putty since it takes longer time to cure therefore gave me more time to shape the bodykit…

after the final coating.. the car was completed.. here’s the pix…

comparing the widebody kit to a standard audi TT… hehe

hope u guys like this one…



customized hotwheels…..

Nowdays, there are many modding project done by local forumers. But do you know is it right or not to add the word “custom” to ur title projects…

according to WIKIPEDIA…

“A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has been modified in either of the following two ways. First, a custom car may be altered to improve its performance, often by altering or replacing the engine and transmission. Second, a custom car may be a personal “styling” statement by the re-styler/re-builder, making the car look “unique” and unlike any car that might have been factory finished.”

from the statement above, the 1st point is already out of our reach since hotwheels car is only a toy… then the second point said that it has been add some personal styling which make it look unique and unlike any car from the factory….

then, as a conclusion, a repaint car or a decalized car can’t be count as custom car and to be honest its looks more like ah beng’s style to me…… so please do ur checklist before using the word “custom” on ur title project….

happy customizing…


customizer meet @ dean bistro ss14

hehe.. just got back from meet CHAM@HWCM… hehe…

front : BoneScrapper
2nd row from left : Shrek Shaker, VW BUS, VW Dragbus, DUB Cayanne, VIP Jazz, Dieselboy Q
3rd row from left : forklift, Offroad FJ40, Custom civic SI, El camino, Altezza Castrol , Custom Civic SI…

[far behind: Cham’s hand in high speed mode while holding unknown yellow car….. haha]

that’s all….. enjoy


custom works : HW Ford Vicky Rat rod….

this is how it starts….. i uncarded my 32′ ford vicky.. then a bit disappointed with the engine casting… but must remember that this casting is one of the first version that produced by hotwheels way back on 1968…. even before i was born!~… so that will be a good excuse for explaining the level of details…..

then after the customizing process it evolve into a rat-rod… hehe..

full progress of this project was posted at HWCM forum…
click here


custom works : MATCHBOX Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

hye guys… yup i kno that my hyper-hauler still not completed yet.. but ive already started with a new project which is based on the Matchbox Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40… this is actually my favorite car and planning to get one if i got the money.. hehe…

my project started when someone told me this story… hehe….

then the owner (paul o’ brian) bring me his car and told me he wanna go to another discovery at borneo… so he asked me to do something with it because he knows that this time it is more challenging than his Bat Cavern discovery…

i tell him that “you need a set of rubber tyre”… and he replied “t-hunt$ tyre??? most of them are sporty” then i answer “of course not t-hunt$ tyres… this is much better than that.. just wait and see.. i’ll order it for you”…..

so.. off to the workshop….

then setting out my workplace…

got delivery… hehe..

test fit it first….

then searching for the owner.. he went to the nearby kopitiam to minum2… lol….

“wow!~ i didnt know they produce this type of rubbers… hehe!~”…. said Paul (yup. thats him.. all in white..)

need to order a new suspension in order to fit in this rubbers…. so another delivery guy come by… hehe..

the driveshaft also need to be re-custom and upgraded…

both set front and rear…

so its time to test fit it once again……………

here’s another closer shot to show the suspension system installed… hope Paul can see it but his outstation now…

anyway.. thats my progress until now… have spent almost solid 4 hours working on it…. anyway for the suspension here’s another option that ive tried…

today, paul came by and ask me to add snorkel and roof rack..

then later in the evening, all the chasis and suspension system has been fully assembled…. so now the car its complete….

Land cruiser VS Bone-scrapper (as named by bro Sinclair from HWCM)….

hehehe… well thats it… so this project was completed in 2 days which is a new record for me… Paul it actually not exist.. just made it up to make the story more intresting.. haha…. anyway, some of u guys may be asking if this wheels actually can roll or if its a static model… so it does rolls actually… i’ll post a vid of it later on….

happy customizing



custom project : hyper-hauler…

sneek peek on my latest project….. i called it hyper-hauler… based on HW’s hyper-mite.. ive custom a new fender and a new rear part to convert it into a car hauler….

the pic shows hows my idea on this project which ive done a mock-up using modelling clay… later on i’ll will do a new chasis and new bodypart for the rear end…

start with building the base for this hauler…… also start puttying progress for the front part….

test fit with the car loaded…. well thats my unfinished DAMD evo7…

test fit with BS….

sand down the excess putty work…

enough of test fitting…. going back to the garage….

applied primer coating…. hehe.. the forklift really helps me alot.. 😛

mockup version 2…

mockup version 3… huhu.. not satisfied with the previous version because the effect looks like it is 2 separate part glued into one…. doesnt look good actually…. hehe…well this version is more nicer and smoother….

start replicating the mockup version on the other side using putty….

after several stages of puttying and sanding…..

test fit with comparison to my old hauler…. huhu…

huhu… well now its time to replicate the other side..( the one modelled by clay)… huhuhu…. still a long way to complete it……. but hope u guys stay tune for latest update….

happy customizing…



window shopping.. + so lil haul..

window shopping again @ TRU 1borneo.. no intresting cars.. and no 2009 carded cars at all.. well thats not the main point of my window shopping here.. i was searching a car for the HWCM 2nd group Built.. this time, the theme of the built is HW Original.. means that cars originally designed by HW themself.. not repilca of a life sized car… huhu.. from all of their stock in tru, im thinking of doing the hypermite or dieselboy or spector or some other cars but these 3 really catched my eyes.. hehe.. so i bought 2 out of 3 leaving the hypermite behind since bro eight from HWCM already used it.. so what will my custom project cars will look like?? well its still under development…. in my mind.. haha…


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