finally… ive found some figures for my 1/64 collections…… yay!~

hehe… finally, there are habitants to my 1/64 scale world… hehehe.. congrats people… im as a mayor proud of you guys… as a compliment.. i let all of you to choose ur favorite cars for you guys to drive around my room…. (all of them still in white since these are the 1st batch of my habitants… lol.. im not god.. thats why they look like that.. haha..)

lalala.. anyway here’s some pic of it…

huhu.. obivously all of them more attracted to the porsche compare to the BS.. huhu..(no offence to HOTRODS.)

comparison between the scale of the car and the figures…..

case 1 – HW porsche 911 gt2 VS figures….

case 2 – HW boneshakers VS figures….

case 3 – REALTOY porsche cayanne turbo VS figures….

conclusion – i might say the scale is perfect and quite proportion if compare to the real human scale with 1:1 cars…. hehe.. and i’ll say… LETS MAKE A DIORAMA!~

if u guys intrested… im selling it for rm3 each… its not part of my loose car business, only helping hands to those who need it because i know someone have been searching for it… bare in mind that this is not a normal plastic figures at any toy shop.. this is use for architectural models and that explain why it quite expensive..(if u say rm3 is expensive)……



1 Response to “finally… ive found some figures for my 1/64 collections…… yay!~”

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